What is a DataURI and when should I use one?

Treehouse has an excelent article explaining what exactly a Data URI is and when you should use one. Definitely worth a read!

My browser keeps crashing

This is likely caused by uploading a large image - keep in mind that the advantages of Data URI's are pretty limited to relatively small images. I personally avoid using them for images over 150~200px in size.

I have an idea, how can I help?

That's awesome! You can contribute to Duri.me directly via Github. Feel free to submit an issue with any idea you might have, or even open a pull request. I'll get back to you for sure.

What's this built with and who built it?

Someone's really curious! This is a static website, built with React.js and a bunch of other great tools. You can check out the Github repo for a proper look under the hood.

And finally, this was built by me, Tiago Duarte. I work fulltime as a freelance front-end developer. Feel free to hit me up, let's grab a coffee!

Didn't this look different a while ago?

Yes indeed! The first iteration of Duri.me, built in 2012, used jQuery for the file upload interactions and connected to a PHP backend to generate the DataURI. It looked quite a bit different.

The second update, released in 2016, included not only a design overhaul to something similar to what you're seeing now, but also a move from PHP/jQuery to a React-powered app with no backend.

And finally this current interation, last updated in 2018, is a port to a statically-exported React app powered by Next.js